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ais smart kingpin

Smart Kingpin


Over time, Kingpins wear and, although they should be tested on a regular basis, the reality is that the risk of potential failure increases each year.

Kingpins are exposed to huge forces and are arguably the most important components on a trailer.  It's important to know it will not fail.

This new "Smart" Kinpin continuously measures the depth of material from inner to outer wall as well as pressure-testing for micro-cracks.  If the test fails for any reason, the unit sends an electronic warning to a simple visual interface to let drivers or maintenance engineers know something is wrong.

Provided the Kinpin remains safe and sound and the trailer is connected to the 24N or 24S coupling, the interface shows a green light and you can rest easy.

Fortunately, Kingpins are hardy components that are designed to withstand regular abuse; however, on more mature trailers, the last thing you want is for a trailer to de-couple due to kingpin failure.

  • Option for new build or retro-fit
  • High grade EN24T billet steel: Surface hardness of HB 275 : Approximate 924 Mpa ultimate tensile strength : 778 Mpa yield strength.
  • Simple electronics
  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Virtually eliminate risk of kingpin failure
Size D-Value (kN) Approval (ECE) Product Code
2" 162kN E11*55R01/09*12210*00 AIS-55R-H50


UNECE Approval

The ais Smart Kingpin system has type approval for sale in all 68 United Nations, under UNECE Regulation 55 and UNECE Regulation 10.

The system is designed and manufactured in the UK by Anstee Indication Systems which holds Conformity of Production (COP) clearance from the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), registration number ECA570022.

Smart Kingpin Backing Plate

Rubbing plate thickness (mm) Product Code Upper Thickness (mm) Lower Flange Thickness (mm)
8 AIS-H50-8BP 27.4 14.6
10 AIS-H50-0BP 25.4 16.6
12 AIS-H50-2BP 23.4 18.6


Crack, failure and beyond threshold wear alerts are displayed on a simple to read and install, trailer-mounted electric box. A green light indicates everything is ok while a red light indicates the kingpin requires immediate replacement. The Smart Kingpin’s internal sensor system can also be wired into trailer tracking systems to assist fleet management through remote status alerts.

The ais Electric Box has been tested in the UK to UNECE Regulation 10 to ensure compliance, including immunity to interference levels stated in the Regulation.

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Published: Wed 15 Feb 2023

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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