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Suspension-Safe Engineering Model

Suspension-Safe | Stand Alone Suspension Alert System


Trailer air suspension systems are controlled by the ECU; an Electronic Control Unit that monitors the suspension level and adjusts it accordingly to ensure correct ride height during transit.

Under normal cicumstances, the trailer ECU is powered by the tractor via the ISO 7638 suzie line (EBS Line).  Regrettably, there can be instances where the driver does not ensure a valid coupling and this leaves the ECU inoperative.  As a result, a number of critical trailer safety systems fail, including the suspension.

Without power, the suspension solenoids are not able to raise or lift and the height sensor is inactive.  In such cicumstances, if the suspension has been manually raised before a journey (for bay loading for instance), the suspension will remain in that raised state during any following journey and there is an increased risk of bridge strike.

To reduce this risk, Don-Bur has developed "Suspension-Safe" which is a simple, stand-alone system attached to the trailer running gear to detect if the suspension is at correct ride height.  If the suspension is above the intended ride height, a warning light illuminates on the front of the trailer, coupled with a 90dB siren.

The system is powered by an independent battery which is re-charged by the primary electrics coupling.  This ensures that the system operates effectively whether the trailer is coupled correctly or not.

Suspension-Safe is protected under GB Patent 2619121


Don-Bur also provides EBS-Safe and EBS-Safe Plus as systems to alert the driver when there is no valid ISO connection.

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Published: Wed 10 Jan 2024

Updated: Fri 31 May 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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