Don-Bur Develop Special Slimline Neck Concept

In order to maximise internal apertures, particularly within Double Decks, Don-Bur has developed a new trailer neck design concept.  The result is an effective neck thickness equal to that of the rubbing plate alone which is commonly circa 10mm.

The concept is ideally suited to cage operations with longitudenal structural beams sitting above the main floor surface in between the castors/wheels to provide the neck strength needed. In this way, the effective aperture height can be increased without having to increase overall height or lower the fifth wheel height.

thin neck FE

⇧ Side elevation illustrating strutural beams above a slimline bed plate floor.

thin neck plan view

⇧ Plan view showing an example configuration of structural supports to suit 3 cages wide.

thin neck perspective

⇧ View demonstrating the flat channelswhere wheels/castors would roll into.

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