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150305 CVShow TK Maxx 13

52 Pallet Lifting Deck Trailer


After a 6-year long hiatus, Don-Bur has opted to return to the Commercial Vehicle Show with a bang. They will be showcasing a 13.6m long tri-axle Lifting Deck trailer with a 52 pallet capacity featuring, among several innovative concepts, the latest version of their IOSH award-winning ground coupling system. It will also be featuring an aerodynamic industry-first cab gap solution, dubbed “Aeris”, designed to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 5%. This system is not yet approved by the VCA and is a must-see at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show.

As the original pioneers of the Lifting Deck in the 1980’s, it seems fitting that Don-Bur returns to this year’s show with the latest Lifting Deck technology available on the market, boasting a cubic capacity of 122.03m³ and comfortably catering for 52 UK pallets. This impressive cubic capacity has been made possible by utilising Don-Bur’s exclusive 7.5mm thick “Blade™” panels. These lightweight and extremely durable composite panels provide additional internal width on the Lifting Deck platform, enabling 2 UK pallets to be loaded side by side with the two 1200mm edges across the width of the trailer.

Arguably the most anticipated feature is the aerodynamic "Aeris" system. The cab gap is already widely understood to create wind resistance and for good reason as it is responsible for almost a third of overall vehicle drag. "Aeris" is a specially designed front bulkhead dome that extends forward at 49mph and over (a speed where drag becomes more critical), virtually filling the cab gap and eliminating the associated aerodynamic drag by 13.5%. Below 49mph, Aeris quickly and automatically retracts to a position within the standard 2040mm swing radius to allow full, unhindered articulation. As a result, it is estimated that “Aeris” will save approximately 5% in fuel.

Don-Bur will also be launching the latest version of their “LowGlide” ground coupling system. Current users of the Don-Bur ground coupling systems will already be familiar with the ability for the driver to couple up by the side of the trailer standing on the ground rather than on the cramped catwalk area which eliminates all associated slips, trips, strains and falls. The latest slimline iteration is comprised of less componentry and an elegantly simple mechanic which is stronger and virtually maintenance-free due to the use of low friction slides. Under UK Patent, it is also the only system of its kind to position the coupling plate beyond the standard width of the trailer at a comfortable chest height.

Other notable features include an internal step-access ramp, extended rear chassis length, chassis-mounted compression buffers, EcoStream roof profile and full ferry specification.

Published: Tue 14 Apr 2015

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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