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Full Patent Awarded For Sliding Ground Coupling System


After almost 5 years, Don-Bur has been granted a full GB patent for their sliding ground coupling system, often dubbed "LowGlide".

The original IOSH award-winning system was based around a rotating/pivoting arm and received a UK patent back in 2010 (GB2467955).  The premise was simple.  To prevent the driver needing to access the gap between the cab and trailer, the 'Suzie' coupling points on the trailer move out to the side of the trailer to allow the driver to couple up at chest height when standing on the ground.  The plate then moves back to a centrally located transit position ready to drive off.  Keeping the driver off the catwalk eliminates all risks associated with coupling at height, in a cramped, often greasy and slippery environment.

Following the success of the first design, Don-Bur conceived a new, simpler system which was far slimmer than the previous iteration and constructed using less mechanical parts.  Understanding the success of the first design, Don-Bur applied for patent on the 12th November 2012 and it was finally awarded on the 14th of this month with the reference GB2507802.

The "LowGlide" system, which slides outward and downward, has already been in production for some time now and is often specified by default for many safety-conscious operators.

Published: Wed 28 Jun 2017

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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