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PR Argos 60 pall LD 2

Argos Delivers More Value with 60 Pallet Capacity LSTs


Argos has ordered 19 Lifting Deck Longer Semi Trailers (LSTs) from Don-Bur with the largest internal cubic volume seen on British roads. The new 60 GKN pallet capacity multi-deck trailers will increase cube by 20.4m3, and have the potential reduce delivery frequency by 1 in every 6 trips. As a result the new trailers could generate a CO2 emission saving of 16.7%, playing a key role in Argos' carbon reduction programme.

The nature of the payload offers the perfect opportunity to minimise unused space where cube then becomes king. To realise the impressive cubic capacity, the 4.88m high, tri-axle box van step-frame double decks have been stretched to 15.65m long and can be operated legally under the government's 10 year LST trial with Vehicle Special Orders. The extra length immediately affords an additional 8 pallets but to shoehorn a further two pallets in, Argos has specified Don-Bur "Blade™" panels. At just 7.5mm thick, the lightweight and durable composite panels provide sufficient clearance for an extra-width Lifting Deck platform (2.42m), enabling all pallets to be loaded with the longest edges across the width of the trailer.

Height too has been optimised with a generous 1.87m height per deck behind the swan-neck. This has been achieved by engineering a low deck height of just 1.05m on 19.5 inch mini single tyres, which are becoming more popular due to reduced replacement costs when compared to twin-tyre setups. Above the slimline swan-neck, a thin secondary deck has been fitted to ensure maximum space utilisation.

Operational simplicity was also key to success and the Argos logistics teams were heavily involved during the trailer development stages to ensure that product is transported to Argos customers as seamlessly as possible.

One prototype has already been on trial since April and Argos is delighted with the results. David Landy, Fleet Engineer at Argos comments "Argos continually strives to work with suppliers to provide new and exciting technology. Don-Bur has offered us a unique solution which could significantly lower our operational trunking costs and further reduce our impact on the environment."

Notes to Editors

To eliminate any risk of axle over-loading on the 44 tonne GVW combination, the new LSTs have a split bogie. The two front fixed axles have been set to ensure compliant turning circle requirements whilst the BPW self-tracking rear steering axle has been set further toward the rear to provide a total maximum bogie capacity of 28 tonnes.

Exclusive to Don-Bur, Blade™ composite panels are just 7.5mm thick and weigh just 11.8kgs per m2. The recyclable panel consists of an HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) foam core and is faced with 0.5mm 80,000 psi yield galvanised steel. Finished with a baked-on polyester coating, the result is a lightweight panel that doesn't delaminate and has exceptional protection against impact, abrasion, puncture and corrosion.

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Published: Thu 31 Jul 2014

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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