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Lifting Deck Trailers | High Cube | Fast Loading

Lifting Deck Trailers

Your Design For Your Needs

No company has more expertise in the specialist design and build of hydraulic Lifting Deck trailers (Sometimes referred to as moving deck trailers) than Don-Bur.

Their experience with Lifting Deck trailers extends back to the 1980's and their Lifting Deck range of products now dominate the major fleets. Don-Bur consistently produces what is arguably the best and most cost effective hydraulic system technology in the industry.

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Lifting Deck Trailer


Whatever your needs, Don-Bur can engineer a solution to meet your operational and budgetary needs.

  • Durable construction
  • Straight | Step-frame
  • Industry-leading 52 UK pallet capacity
  • Tail-lifts to suit requirements
  • High Cube ~120m3
  • Fast Loading/Unloading at Bay

What Are Lifting Deck Trailers?

Double Deck trailers are now commonplace; especially in trunking operations. However, the time to load a double deck is limited by the equipment needed to lift the load to the second deck level.

A Lifting Deck is a full length or rear 3/4 length deck which can be loaded at normal deck height. Pressing a button will lift the entire deck (and load) up, and out of the way, permitting a second full-length payload to be posititioned on the lower deck.

This means the fast loading for the payload equivalent of two trailers.

Lifting Deck Trailer
Single Ram & Pulley

Single Ram & Pulley System

Don-Bur's proven single ram and pulley system generates a consistent, uniform lift which is unaffected by varying load weights on various parts of the deck and is less susceptible to the stressing and flexing of the trailer.

52 UK Pallet Capacity

Don-Bur's Lifting Decks were the first in the industry to offer a 52 UK pallet carrying capacity.

When specified with Don-Bur's 7.5mm thick 'Blade' panel, operators can achieve a deck width of 2440mm across the entire length of the Lifting Deck tub, which is sufficient to carry 26 pallets on each deck.

Lifting Deck Trailer 52 Pallet Capacity
M&S Wedge Double Deck Trailer

Wedge Lifting Decks

Don-Bur 'Wedge' Lifting Deck trailers provide operators with full height loading on both decks, capable of achieving deck clearances of up to 1928mm (6' 4") and a 52 UK pallet capacity on all types.

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Typical Key Dimensions

8.0m - 13.6m (15.65m for LST's)

3.3m - 4.95m high

2.55m wide

Apertures - Box

Up to 4.0m Rear Aperture Height

13.495m long (15.445m for LST's)

Apertures - Curtain

Up to 4.0m Rear Aperture Height

13.395m long (15.445m for LST's)

Weights & Capacities (13.6m standard length)

52 UK pallets (1200 x 1000mm)

66 Euro Pallets (1200 x 800 mm)

44T Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight (Vehicles of 6 axles)

Options & Documentation

  1. Maximum volume capacity
  2. Optimise operational efficiency and speed
  3. Simple one-button operation
  4. Comprehensive safety features
    • Visible "Paddle" Locks
    • Rope arrestors
    • Hydraulic burst valve
    • Audio/visual deck movement warnings
  5. Additional two-tier Tail-lift options
  6. Optional aerodynamic "EcoStream" roof profile
  7. 24/7 Service Backup
  8. Most trailers have 35-40% unusable space and 50% of loads are limited by volume, not weight.
  9. Numerous configurations to suit your operation
  10. Ideal for Box Vans or Curtainsiders
  11. Straight or Step-Frames
  12. Buckleless Curtains
  13. Lightweight panel options


What other features and options are there? Tell me more about load restraint What facilities are there for livery?

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