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Don-Bur Offer New Super-Lightweight Panels


For the first time, Don-Bur is offering “Armourlite™”; a new, super-lightweight panel, weighing in at just 4.54kgs per m2 in comparison to its GRP cousin at 16kgs per m2. A standard 4.2m high box van trailer will use approximately 88m2 of panels in addition to a rear shutter measuring 7m2. By using 25mm thick Armourlite™, operators will save 1,089kgs in unladen trailer weight; offering greater payload or improved fuel consumption for start-stop operations.

Armourlite™ has a cutting-edge thermoplastic structure which is bonded using the latest fusion technology. Not only is it extremely impact-resistant, it uses no adhesives or bonding agents, making it more environmentally friendly compared to most conventional materials or production methods.

Simple to paint, Armourlite™ is manufactured in large sheet sizes, meaning seamless sidewall construction and complete weatherproof protection. In addition, the internal epoxy matrix offers exceptional strength, reflecting impact force and virtually eliminating damage.

Armourlite™ has recently been specified for 115 Lifting Deck trailers for an unspecified client; where greater payload is critical to improved efficiency. At an overall height of 4.88m, the operators are saving even more on weight due to a larger surface area of 122m2. Whereas GRP panelwork would have weighed 1,952 kgs, Armourlite™ will only account for 553kgs of the unladen weight.The new super-panel is also very easy to work with and repair using standard woodwork tooling. Any serious damage can be cut out and a new section simply bonded in place before finishing.

Armourlite™ also comes in a thinner, even lighter option at just 4.1kgs per m2, which may be suitable for rigid bodywork, dependent on operation.



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Published: Mon 04 Mar 2013

Updated: Thu 11 Apr 2024

Author: Richard Owens

Published by: Don-Bur

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